Five for Friday.....on Sunday!

Is anyone else honestly caught up?  We are 3 full weeks into school and I'm getting there but blogging has taken a back seat to teaching and just plain ol' surviving!  That being said, it's time for Five for Friday over at Doodlebugs teaching

#1  Student Teacher...Awesome!
I have a student teacher working with me this year for the first time ever.  The first few days of school I think I was extra tired because I felt like I had to be "on" every second in the classroom.  Now we are getting into our groove and I realize she needs to see the "fall apart" moments too. Not every lesson goes perfectly!  She has been taking over in the afternoon and I have to say, I don't know how I ever made it through the first few weeks of school without her!  It's been a fun experience!  Here she is showing the kiddos a tarantula we found outside.  She is one brave soul :)
   #2 Beautiful Moments
I love being able to stop and enjoy the beautiful moments on my campus.  We have awesome little creatures that visit us daily (see above) and right now we have these butterflies everywhere. 
  #3 Tpt....eeeek!
I've been selling on Tpt for a little over a year.  When I first started I was totally excited to make $20 in a quarter.  One time I made $20 in one month and I was over the moon.  I just had my very best month yet!  I sold at least 1 item every single day during the month of August!  The best part is I'm getting feedback too and that helps me improve my products!  Feeling very excited about this!
#4 Newest Products
With my store blowing up it makes me motivated to create. Here are a few items I have been working on:
I made a new agenda to post on my board using the chevron brights I love from Ashley Hughes.

It's keeping me organized and my kiddos are referring to it to know what's coming next.  I've always had an agenda, but this one is way cuter than my old one and if it's cute, I'll use it!

My second project has me pulling my hair out.  We do a daily math practice in our district in an effort to get our kiddos learning their math facts.  Every student across the district practices math facts through this program.  It takes about 20 minutes but I can tell you, it makes a difference!  Part of this practice includes using flash cards.  Here is the frustration part....most flash cards are too big for firsties to hold in their precious little hands.  So I've been working on these:

So anyway....these are really difficult to line up and figure out what answers go on the back of what cards.  I'm making them 2 sided so the stack doesn't have to be too big and my littles can hold them easily.  That's why I've been pulling my hair out!  I can't wait to try them out next week. 

#5 Happy Day!
Did everyone else know it was a 3 day weekend?  I did not until we were putting kids in cars on Friday afternoon.  I didn't even know that August was done!  I have tunnel vision right now and it's all about planning and working out my schedule to fit everything in!  The good news is that I have an extra day to plan but the bad news is I have to fit everything into 4 days next week.  That's ok, I'll take it!
That's my Five for Friday!  It was a great week.  I'm hoping that I will think about taking more pictures next week so I can share some of the activities we've been working on.  Great things happening in first grade!
Happy Teaching!