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Five for Friday

6 weeks of a new school year are in the books and so are my Parent/Teacher conferences.  I am exhausted and I don't think I could talk any more if I wanted to.  The good news is everyone showed up and I only have 2 make ups.  One of my sweets was out sick so her mom had to cancel and one of my student's family had a baby!  What a great reason to miss a P/T conference!

So now it's time for 5 for Friday!  Yay! Click on the pic to link up!


#1:  Rain....rain....rain....

Ok, I know what you might be thinking.  Yes, it rains and we just have to live with it.  The kids go crazy, we miss recess, and things get a little muddy.  Ok, I get it.  Now just imagine that you live in the desert and it RARELY rains.  We get rain but never for days upon days.  This week has been days upon days of rain and my little Arizona kiddos are so confused.  We don't know what which way is up!  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were rainy.  I love the rain but I hated this week.

 We finally got a little blue sky on Wednesday afternoon. 

 #2  Math Stations
This was week 2 of math stations and my kiddos loved being able to make their own choices this week.  I usually rotate through but we had a short week due to Parent Teacher conferences so I made a few changes.  They loved it!

#3 Wednesday is college shirt day! Yay!
Our reading theme is Read to Succeed with a focus on colleges around the country.  Teachers and students are encouraged to wear a college t-shirt on Wednesday.  I finally got around to ordering a new one and it came in Wednesday afternoon.  Now I can't wait until next Wednesday!
#4 Swim Meet in the rain!
My daughter had her first swim meet on Tuesday and yes, it rained.  Just like every other day.  I got to see her break some personal records and anchor a relay to win.  It was great!

  #5 Parent Teacher conferences were this week.  It took hours of prep to get the information together for my parents but they went really well!
That's 5 for Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Teaching! Heather