Five for Friday: Parent/Teacher conference FREEBIE!

Yay!  It's time for Five for Friday!  Of course I'm always a little bit fried on Friday (maybe that's what it should be called!) so I do my post on Saturday.  Hey, I'm still blogging at least once a week so I am I am keeping up with my back to school goal!  Link up here at  


#1 Building Stamina!

We have been working hard building stamina in our classroom.  I started Daily 5 last year and I LOVE it!  It takes a lot of patience and a lot of faith but the payoff is huge!  We are up to 16 minutes of reading without interruption.  This week I had that "YES!" moment when a visitor came into the room during Read to Self and announced (loudly) that they had left their keys.  No one one said a word.....they just all kept reading.  Awesome!

  Just love seeing my littles reading away!  It makes my heart happy!

#2  Projects....seriously!
So I have about a thousand projects rolling around in my head.  A few weeks ago I had my first (and only...yay!) observation of the year.  Going through our rubric, I found that I really needed a way for my student's to track their progress in the classroom.   That's pretty tough with firsties so I went with the all popular clip chart.  Our Kinder teacher uses a similar system and his kiddos are ON TOP of it!  They know their goals and what they need to do to succeed.  I think it makes all the difference.  So I made this little gem...
Click the pic for a link to my store. 
 I haven't introduced it yet, but my plan is to change their clip each week after progress monitoring.  Yes, I progress monitor each week.  Call me crazy but I think it's worth it!

#3 Teacher Conferences
We are 6 weeks in and it's already time for parent teacher conferences.  Holy cow!  I'm excited to meet with parents again.  I meet with all my parents prior to school starting so we are just old friends now! I posted this freebie (YAY FOR FREEBIES!) tonight in my Tpt store.  It's a reporting sheet (with DIBELS included...sorry if this doesn't work for you) and reminder notes to send home.  These will work for you no matter what reporting systems you use at your school!
 Click on the pic for a link!

#4  Personal stuff!
We can't be all teacher all the time!  This week I got to see my youngest play in 2 home volleyball games!  Next week I get to go see my middle babe swim her little heart out at a home swim meet.  Our schedule is busy.... but fun!

#5 Reading Street
We adopted Reading Street this year and I am super excited to get started but WOWZA!  Information overload here!  I spent my Saturday at school figuring the whole thing out to get started on Monday.  I'm glad I gave myself 5 full weeks to get Daily 5 rolling so my kiddos are well trained to start getting into a new program!

There is my Five for Friday!  Head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to see what's up across bloggy land!

Happy Teaching!