Currently September

It's time for this month's installment of CURRENTLY put on by the fabulous Farley at Oh'Boy 4th Grade.  Head on over to check it out, you are probably the only one that hasn't so far!  Not being's just seriously that popular!

Here we go: 
I always type up my Currently when I just happen to be home and alone.  The TV isn't on and the fan is going a million miles a minute so that is really the only thing I am listening to.  We are H-O-T in Arizona right now but also way more humid than I care for.  It is supposed to be a dry heat, but seriously, I'm sweating over here!

Routines!  Hooray for routines in the classroom and routines at home!  Summer can get me in a rut but with school starting everything is starting to run like a well oiled machine.  Ok...honestly our machine is a little rusted and breaks down sometimes... but you know what I mean!

I have a student teacher this year and I did not do this on purpose but I have signed up for a lot of professional development this year.  I turned in 6 requests for subs the other day!  They aren't happening all at once, I'm just trying to get them early but I haven't taken that many days off in my whole teaching career combined!  I'm excited about the learning opportunities I have but a little nervous to be gone so much.  Glad I have my ST to steer the ship while I am gone!

Not kidding.  My wants could go on for days.  Today and everyday I just "want" to remember to be thankful for what I have.  A funny husband, beautiful daughters, my parents who love me unconditionally, a job, and my health.  That's all.

This could be considered a "want" but I really do need it!  I have beautiful scalloped tables that I ordered myself about 8 years ago when I started teaching Kinder.  They have left me and come back to me over the years.  
Well because they are so awesome and scalloped you can only fit 6 kiddos at each table.  Guess how many kids I have as of Tuesday?  25.  I may only teach 1st grade but I can do the math....they aren't going to fit!  

I added a small plain brown table to sit 4 extra kiddos at, but it is making my hair fall out just thinking about it. 

Is that a need or a want?  Hmmm.

<3:  This last one is difficult.  Farley said that many of us put ourselves at the bottom of the list so this is a "Love Yourself" spot.  What will I do this month to love myself?  Hmmmmm......this is the toughest currently question yet!

1.  Watch volleyball/swim.  Now this is all about my kids, but I truly love going to their events and watching.  I will leave school and get to their home games/meets on time.  I won't worry about what I am leaving behind, I'll just go!

2.  I am a sloth in the summertime.  Not. Kidding.  I love the way I feel when I exercise, I love the way my clothes fit when I exercise, so why is it so difficult to get back on the wagon?   I need to come up with 1 way to get moving everyday.  That's my September goal :)

3.  I love going out with just my husband.  As my kids grow up and get busy little lives of their own I love the occasional date night!

That's September.  Kuddos Farley for making me stretch my thinking this month and thank you for hosting such a great linky party.  I think this is the one out there in teacher bloggyville that everyone participates in!

Happy Teaching! Heather