Weekend Catch Up!

Any of the rest of you back at school yet?

Are you exhausted?

I feel ya'!  I am doing a "catch up" post today because I have fallen short quite a few times in the past 2 weeks.  We started back the 1st of August and now it is the 17th. (I only know that off of the top of my head because tomorrow starts the big Tpt sale! Woohoo!)

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You can visit my store at Learning with Mrs. Langley to get lots of great deals.  I just added these IB Attitudes Posters.  

Catch up time!  
I signed up for Covered in Glitter and Glue's Back to School Blogger exchange.  Let me just say, this was a total fail for me and I feel awful about it!  The deadline was August 4th for mailing and that fell right in the middle of my back to school time.  No excuses, I fell flat on my face, and my poor partner in Florida, Kristy @ Teachin' First had to suffer from my bad planning.  Keeping a lesson plan during the summer might be a good idea for me!

A couple of funny things about this match up.  When I got Kristy's name in the email I thought it was a mistake.  Only because I read "Teachin' First" first.  My Twitter name is Teachin' First!  

When I started blogging I tried and tried to use that name but it was already taken!  So funny that now I finally know who thought of it first!  I didn't tell her that in my letter so I hope she reads it here :) 

She sent me an awesome box of goodies and it literally showed up the evening of open house.  It was a treat to come home to a package after talking to parents all night and planning all day.  
   It was also wrapped up so beautifully (and included lotion, An Apple for the Teacher---so cute!) but it did not like the trip from Florida to Arizona.  The lotion had a literal "melt down", but that's ok cause I'm still using it!

Look closely at the pens...they are adorable!  Kristy made these out of regular pens (my favorite brand too) but they have scrapbook paper inside to make them all fancy!  I love having these in my desk and I think of my new bloggy friend every time I use one!  I also love having yummy soap at school to wash my hands with.  I'm a little OCD when it comes to washing my hands at school, aren't we all?

So now that I have spent my Saturday night blogging and lesson planning my weekend is almost over.  But you know what? That's ok!  I'm happy to be back into a routine and working with those kiddos again, I missed it!  My personal kiddos are also very busy high school kiddos now so there isn't much for me to do at home anyway, sigh.....Don't blink my friends, it goes by all too quickly!

Have a wonderful weekend, have fun shopping at Tpt, and have a great week relaxing or teaching. (whichever applies!)

Happy Teaching!