Day 2-Teacher Week '13: Classroom Digs

It's time for Day 2 of Teacher Week '13!  Today's topic is all about the blood, sweat, and tears you put into decorating your space this summer....yes, it's a classroom tour!

Let me be honest here, I did not spend time in my classroom this summer!  Long ago just last year I learned that I needed to stop changing my 'theme' every year.  I was tearing my hair out looking for the cutest stuff, just to take it down 9 months later.  I don't have time for that!  I now stick with polka dots and chevron and I'm Happy, Happy, Happy! (who else is excited about a new season of Duck Dynasty? This girl!)

Ok, back on track.

Let's start out with the front of the room.

 This just looks like chaos to me.  I snapped this after Open House the other night. My desk is already messy...whatever!  This is an (honest) look at my room!  Front door, student cubbies, HUGE teacher desk, and Word Work center in front of my desk.  Way over on the left hand side is an antique desk my mom gave me years ago, it's one of my favorite items in my room.  I keep the bulletin board behind my desk for all my important papers and cute art work from my kiddos. 

 Closer look at my cubbies.
 And welcome sign. (Ashley Hughes)
 Job charts. (me!)
Next on the grand tour is my IB interactive board.  This is where we outline our current unit and post student inquiries.  This creation is 3 years in the making.  This year I created all my own signs as well as posters for the whole school. 
I love all my new Learner Profile, Attitide, Key Concepts, and Transdisciplinary Skills/themes posters!  Thank heavens to all the awesome bloggers out there that taught me how to make this stuff!

Also included in this pic is my student teacher's desk.  She was absolutely overjoyed when they delivered it!  It fit perfectly in this space!

Working clockwise around the room, the next pic is my rug area.  My hubby made me this great easel 5 or so years ago after I gave mine away....GASP!  I went to teach 5th and I didn't think I would need an easel.  I was WRONG!  Glad I married a handsome man that has skills. 
This was after the first day of school, we had already completed our Above the line/Below the line monster behavior chart and started our anchor charts for Daily 5.  Some of my classroom library is housed here and you can also see my crate benches.  I love these!  I recover them every summer and this year I went with plain ol' blue.  (1) $4 sheet at Wally World! Cheap is the way to go since they will probably get "wet" at some point this year.  Yes, it happens. 

Next up....more library.  Hello my name is Heather and I am a book hoarder.

I try to spread the library out so when students shop for books they are all over the room and not just in one spot.  This particular shelf holds all their favorites (Skippy Jon Jones, Biscuit, Franklin, Eric Carle, Noodles, Kevin Henkes, Arthur) so they shop here anyway! 
Next up, numbers!  I love these from Katie King at Queen of the First Grade Jungle.  I adore her stuff.  I am getting rid of the TV, we never use it anyway!
I also used the alphabet from Katie's decor pac.
I love how bright it is! 

Next up is more library and my old Learner Profile Posters.  Also some color posters I found in the lounge last year.  I nabbed them and never put them up.  I like how they look in this corner!

This is the back corner of my room.  It's a kitchen, yes, a fully functional kitchen.  Just go ahead and hate me now. :) 

 That's the 360 view, now here is what I see from my desk. 
 Please excuse my empty white board.  It won't look like that forever I'm just behind on getting my agenda and objective space up this year.   I love my primary tables, they are obviously my inspiration behind my room decor! 

I hope you enjoyed checking out my "Classroom Digs".  I truly enjoy this space.  It makes me happy to just to walk in the door. If you want to see some awesome classrooms, head over to the Teacher Week '13 link.  Have fun blog hopping!

Happy Teaching! Heather