Back to School....Phew!

Well tomorrow is the 3 week mark for back to school and I am getting in my groove.  I have all the data I need to implement new instruction.  I have introduced all of our classroom expectations and procedures, and I have a student teacher that is eager and ready to start teaching lessons!  I think I'm all set!  Did I also mention that I am tired?  Really, really, tired!  On the plus side my own children  are also back to school and have made their high school teams (swim team and volleyball) so they practice until 6:00 p.m. every night.  I am the first one home every day for the first time in years!

All this extra time has given me time to reflect....not really!  I just catch up on Days of Our Lives (don't judge) and create new things for my Tpt store.  Being it is back to school time I have been busy making posters and such.  I teach at an IB school and I created a lot of back to school posters for my school.  After a few weeks back I realized I should be posting these on Tpt....duh!

Here are a few examples: 
and stickers to reward students each day!

I have been using these in the classroom and they are awesome!  Each day we have a "reflection" time with the whole class.  We talk about what attitudes we have seen displayed throughout the day.  I choose 4 or 5 students on Monday to receive a sticker that day and then the kids take over!  On Tuesday the same students are in charge of choosing the new students to receive the award.  The next day those students are in charge of deciding.  They have been super thoughtful about who they choose and everyone gets a sticker by the end of the week.  I have all the IB Attitudes covered in one easy step!

That is just about all I have going on in my room right now (yeah right!).  But seriously, this is helping to build my classroom community.   They are watching each other and noticing when others do the right thing. I love this!  

We are building our STAMINA in Daily 5 (9 minutes 28 seconds so far!) and working in our math journals and learning how to be a good partner.  It's a new year and there is a lot to learn!  I love this new group, they are eager to learn and excited to be back at school.  Aren't we all?  I hope your new year is going as great as mine!

Happy Teaching!