Throwback Thursday: Lesson Plan Template

It's July.....sigh.....that means teachers everywhere are already starting to think about the first day of school.  I went into my classroom yesterday to "work" but really just moved things from one side of the room to the other.  I'm hoping to be a little more motivated next week.  We'll see...

I'm linking up with First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday and I'm looking back to my post last year about lesson plans.  Here it is :) 
****************originally posted August 2012************* 

I have started trying to nail down my lesson plans for the first week of school and also figure out my schedule for the year.  I am realistic enough to know that I will change this multiple times within the first few days of schools, but this is a start for me.  I like to type out my lesson plans because if I can't get to something I just copy and paste it into the next week.  How do you keep your lesson plans?  Mine look like this:

I learned how to capture a picture of a document on my screen last week but I still don't know how to put a really CLEAR picture of a document on my posts. Always learning!  I think that should be the new name of my blog.  Mrs. Langley is always learning!

I have posted a copy of this template to my NEW Tpt store.  If you want to download it for free you can click HERE!


Now, it's time to update my lesson plan template.  I'm a little better with formatting now and I've even jazzed it up with some color.  Oh, and I think I learned how to add a clearer image to my blog! 
Nice and empty!  What a difference a year makes though right?  During the last school year I have learned a lot about formatting and more importantly how to use Powerpoint as my creating tool.  I love using my lesson plan template to type up my lesson plans each week, I can't stand looking at messy handwriting and honestly it just takes longer to write them out.  How do you keep your lesson plans? 

My old template is still up on Tpt.  It is a document and you can type right into it and play around with it if you want to try this type of lesson plan. If you want to download it for free you can click HERE!

Tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo!  I'm only excited about that because I'm actually working this week.  4 days of summer school wore me out!

Until next time!
Happy Teaching!