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Monday Made It!


Yay! Monday Made It time and I actually have something to share!  A couple of things actually!  If you follow me on Instagram you already know I really made this last week.  I was feeling guilty for not participating in MMI last week and it motivated me to get going! It worked, hooray!

If you want to get motivated too you should go LINK UP.  The BEST part about a linky party is going to see all the different posts.  Don't forget to leave a little bloggy love.  Comments are always appreciated!

First off, I don't remember who gets credit for this.  I saw this idea on a blog a LONG time ago and didn't pin it or anything. (It was probably pre-Pinterest!)  Do you have a ton of book covers that you don't know what to do with?  Me too!  If I leave them on the book they just get messed up and honestly the book cover is my favorite part.  They are shiny and have the best illustrations on them! Anyway...here is a cute idea to use them as decor in your room. 
 I already had the ribbon but I ran out before I could finish both bows...so I need to get more ribbon!  I also have 1 more window in my room I would like to make these for so I'll need more ribbon anyway.  I am also thinking Junie B. needs to be hanging up and not on the book.  All of the books (Olivia, The Mitten, Kitten's First Moon) are housed in the book bins below the window so this is a good visual for the kiddos where to find these types of books.  Once they figure out where their favorites are it's no problem, but at the beginning of the year they are a little lost during Shop for Books time! 

My second MMI project was on the computer.  I've finished a couple of projects this week and I really like them!  I'm itching to get to the printer and laminator at school!

First up: Math Stations
In my district we use a pacing guide for Math and it goes right along with our Investigations units.  I love Investigations.  I have been a cheerleader for this program since the very beginning.  However, I really like a cute math station too and the Investigation "games" are all the same.  Every. Time.  Sure we are getting the job done but we might be bored to tears in the process. 
So that's been my goal this year.  I have created 2 quarters worth of Math Stations to align with my districts pacing guide.  So they are all Common Core aligned! Woohoo!  I really like the new standards, they are so much easier to follow than our old state standards!

Click to see it in my Tpt store.  There is a freebie activity in the preview!
So I finished these up last week and then I felt very NON creative.  So Saturday night I opened up some nametags I had made earlier this year and gave them a total facelift!  I redid them in polka dot and chevron and gave them a fancy cover.

 The one thing I always with nametags you buy in the store had is sight words.  But that would be impossible to list them all!  So I broke them into 5 sets.  So when kids master their list I can just give them a new nametag!

And I made them in lots of different colors so they will match any polka dot decor!


And Ashley Hughes inspired me to make them in chevron too.
I love her stuff!

Thanks for stopping by!  Are you headed back to school yet?  I go back in a couple of weeks and I'm getting anxious!  I think I'm ready?  Have a happy Monday! I'm off to teach summer school!

Happy Teaching! Heather