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Monday Made It! 7/22/13

It's time for Monday Made It and this will be a short one!  I love that Monday Made It motivates me to get into my room and get stuff done, but I feel like I could do so much better!  I used to be so crafty and now there is just so little time...sigh....

I made a new job chart and hung it up today.  I say "new" but I've actually never created my own.  I've always done "helping hands" that were simply little hands I bought at Walmart and moved around a chart.  They stopped selling the hands a couple of years ago so I was out of luck.  I actually cut out my own one year and last year I used Erica Bohrer's helping hands chart.  After 8 years of "Helping Hands" I was ready to change it up!

My plan is to have small clothespins with student's picture on them to move down the chart.  This is the first year I am NOT doing a job for every child.  I will let you know how that goes!   Last year I had so many kids that had a job but really nothing to do.  I am hoping this will make it more "important".

My second MMI is courtesy of the fabulous Ashley Hughes.  I wanted a fun welcome sign for the first weeks of school and I found it! I love how it turned out!

Simple....yet so cute!  It fits perfectly over the window at the front of my room.  I hope my kiddos feel "welcome" when they see it!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are still enjoying summer.  I saw parents posting back to school pictures this morning on FB...ugh!  It's almost here!  2 more weeks for me! :)  (I think, honestly I haven't even looked at a calendar.  I had to ask my daughter what the day was today!)

Happy Teaching! Heather