Wild and Wonderful Wednesday: Cactus and a Freebie!

I've been searching all week for something WILD so I could link up with First Grade Follies for another Wild and Wonderful Wednesday!  

*Cute cactus by Ashley Hughes @ http://www.theschoolsupplyaddict.com/graphics.html

We've just been doing yard work and cleaning around our house so there isn't anything very wild about that!  Until we started taking out cactus.  I say "we" but my husband really did most of the work and I just stood in the shade.  It's hot in Arizona!  We are trying to get rid of 50 years worth of cactus so we can have better access to the side of our yard.  I love cactus when it's out in the desert, but it was not meant to be landscaping!  Here is the beauty we have not found a way to move yet.  It's probably older than both of us put together (well, maybe...) so we don't want to kill it but we don't want it anymore either!

We had NO IDEA this thing was there until we removed all of the brush around it.  I'm currently looking for a cactus expert that can tell us how to remove it without killing it!

As for the rest of the cactus.....we weren't as friendly.  It had to go! We filled an entire trailer (again with the we....I mean he!) and sent it to the compost pile.  Actually I don't know if you can compost cactus.....probably not!

My wonderful today is that I finished a project!  Actually 2 projects but one is just switching all my insurance to save some $$-woohoo but that really isn't the project I'm talking about.  I updated my school calendars for next year and got them posted to Tpt!  I made these a couple of years ago as a behavior system in my classroom.  Actually I totally nabbed borrowed the idea from another teacher so this was not my idea, but it worked so well for me and others in my school that we all use the calendars.  Last year I emailed them to the campus each month as I finished them.....but this year I am all set now that I know the WONDERS of Powerpoint!  If you are still creating on Word---STOP!  It is so much easier to make stuff in Powerpoint.  I made all 12 calendars in one file so everyone can just print them out when they need them. 

Here are a few previews: 

I posted about these a few days ago but now they are all updated and ready to go for next year.  They include an "Attitude of the Month" (Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Respect, Appreciation, Commitment, Independence, Empathy, Confidence, Cooperation, and Integrity) and a list of classroom expectations. 
1.  Listen when others are talking. 
2. Follow directions the first time. 
3. Keep hands, feet, and hurtful words to yourself. 
4. Take care of materials. 
5. Talk quietly without disturbing others. 
I send these home each day with students in their homework folder and they earn a stamp for great behavior.  If they need to work on something for tomorrow, (like talking out of turn) I write a number (1) on the calendar so their parent knows and they can talk about it at home.

I'm so happy to have these all done, that's why it's my wonderful today!  You can get them for FREE in my store.  While you are there I would love if you follow me too!  Have a WILD and WONDERFUL Wednesday! 

Happy Teaching!