Tech Tuesday! Moving your Blogger Blog to Another Gmail Account

Ok....this has been on my list of things to do for awhile but honestly I just thought it was impossible.  Here was my problem...

I started my blog on my school gmail account and now I want to move it to my personal gmail account. UGH!

I just really want to keep everything separate.  To be honest when I started emailing, I used my school account for everything.  Personal bills, family correspondence, shopping, you name it!  Even though I had an email address through my internet provider I NEVER checked it!  I opened my own gmail account last summer to start straightening things out and this was the last thing I needed to do.  So Sunday night I grabbed my computer, my headphones (to watch tutorials) and some trail mix and got to work.  I expected it would take HOURS.....but I had it done in about 10 minutes. What?????

Here is the tutorial I found, it was very simple actually! 

This walked me right through it and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  You have to ignore the weird music....seriously they could have just left it silent, but nonetheless it gets the job done! 

If this has been a problem for you I hope this helps solve it! 
Happy Teaching! Heather