Sweet, sweet summertime!

I know many people are still working away with final assessments, end of the year parties, and field day but I am sitting in my quiet living room having a quiet lunch....alone.  This never happens!  But I am enjoying it so that's all I'm going to say so I don't jinx myself!

If you are still working you might enjoy this idea.  I've seen these cutesie frames people make to take pictures with at parties and I threw one together (literally!) for my last day of school.  Now my summer project is to make a good one for the first day of school so I can have a before/after pic of my kiddos. 
I think I will redo it for next year to say, "2nd grade, here I come!"  The kids got a kick out of getting their picture taken in this frame.  I also want to put together a photo booth for families on Back to School night.  We do ours the night before school begins, when do you have open house? 

Happy Summer, or Teaching!  Whichever applies to you! ~Heather