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An Apple A Day: Behavior Management!


It's time to link up with Leigh at The Applicious Teacher for the 2nd week of An Apple a Day.  This week we are talking about Classroom Management.  So important!

If you are like me you have tried all types of classroom management systems.  I've taught different grade levels (very different....5th to Kinder!) and some things work better in different grades. I also will change things up a little after one system loses it UMPH!  So here are a few of my favorites. 

I won't spend much time on this because it's EVERYWHERE!  (Thank you Pinterest!)  I, like everyone else, saw this 2 years ago on Pinterest and ran back to my classroom to make one.  I love how it uses positive reinforcement regularly to encourage our friends to follow the rules.  My chart was literally thrown together, so I'm hoping to redo it this summer in something a little cuter :)

 I started out my school year last year with this cute little poster using Erica Bohrer's classroom poster kit.  

Sorry about the pic quality, I thought I did a better job with this one!  The top says, "We are having a great day! We are following the rules!"  Green=Warning, Yellow=5 minutes off recess, Orange=10 minutes off recess, Purple=No recess, Red=Office.  

I really like this chart to start the year off when everyone is doing their best everyday to follow the rules.  However, I'm not a big believer in taking away recess and once the honeymoon is over, this chart does not work as well for me. Also...I don't send kids to the office unless it is an extreme case, so I usually have a little note over the red that says, "Note Home".  I will get to this in my next pic...

Calendars!  This is my no fail behavior tool!  I created these calendars 2 years ago after being inspired by a fellow teacher.  The calendars have our classroom expectations listed on the bottom and they go home in their homework folders everyday.  If they had a good day, they get a stamp on the calendar.  If they broke a rule or needed help remembering one of our expectations I write the number on the calendar.  This way parents know what we are struggling with.  I make sure they know it's just a reminder (because no one is perfect!) and tomorrow is always a new day.  If it is a serious problem I always let parents know with an individual note. 
 Classroom Expectations: 
1.  Listen when others are talking.
2. Follow directions the first time. 
3.  Be kind! Keep hand, feet, and hurtful words to yourself. 
4. Take care of materials. 
5.  Talk quietly, without disturbing others.
These calendars are available in my store for free!  Click Here to grab them!

The last behavior management system I will share today came from a training we had in our district that we refer to as "L to J".  I really liked Lee Jenkins and if you are interested in reading more about his philosophy you can visit his site, L to J Consulting  I used a lot of "L to J" strategies when I taught 5th grade but in first, I really only use this one.  

It's called a Disruption Chart and how it works is you keep track of disruptions for one entire day without the students knowing.  That gives you a baseline of what a typical day looks like.  After that, our daily goal is to beat the previous score.  Students work together to cut down on disruptions and get that "All time best!".  Everytime we get an "All time best" we celebrate.  Sometimes it's just 5 minutes of fun songs at the end of the day or a few extra minutes to color with our markers.  It's always voted on by the students and it's always a group activity we can enjoy together.  This system can be used in conjunction with any behavior system and it really comes in handy when your class becomes "super chatty" or when disruptions just start to take over you classroom all together!  Usually somewhere around January.... :) 

These are my most effective behavior management systems that I use in my classroom.  I could talk your ear off all day discussing other systems I have used in the past or may use again in the future but these are my fav's.  Remember to go link up with your tips too!

Happy Teaching! Heather