Monday Made It! Teacher Planner

 I am linking up again with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!
Seriously, I could sit on the computer all night linking up with people and reading about their fabulous creations.  It's so fun!

I've been doing some work on my teacher binder and started by getting it organized this week.  My old system was just to pile everything in (don't judge!) and although I always knew where everything was it wasn't very user friendly!  I started with my old binder...this will get an upgrade when I do a little school shopping in the coming weeks! 
A little boring, but hey! It's Polka Dots!

Next I got heavy duty dividers so they will hold up over time. 

My first section is the calendar.  I have seen all kinds of calendars out there and have considered changing but I have used the same one for  years now and I love it.  It's a two page spread from Kinderworks and it gives me plenty of room to write in all of our school activities.

I printed out the whole year to get it ready....and this one is fabulously empty!  I love June and July!

My next section is for lesson plans.  I use a clip (see the top of the pic) to connect the calendar with my lesson plans so I can flip back and forth.  

Luckily I had some of my old lesson plans in my planner so I could take a picture (ok....not lucky, just lazy.....I just haven't cleaned out the old yet!)

Next I made a Data section, Student Info section, and Staff Meeting Notes section (that one is new!).  I'm going to continue to check out planners on other blogs and add some other sections before the school year starts.  So this is just a start... but it's somethin'!

I didn't make this recently, but towards the end of the year we had A LOT of sickness going on at school and I was so scared I was going to need an emergency sub.  I bought a "sub-kit" on Tpt and put together this sub tub.  I added in some fun books and put it under my desk just in case.  I never needed it, PHEW!  

Click here to see the sub plans on Teachers Pay Teachers.  They are great, I have used them for some professional development days when I needed a sub and the kiddos and the sub really enjoyed them!

One last thing.  I know these have been over done but I made my own and put them up in my store for fun.  This could be the start of some fun classroom decoration products!

Click on the label to see them in my store and they will be free until Tuesday night! :)

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That's it for Made It Monday.  My projects are pretty slow going this summer but that is what summer is for...right?  If you haven't already be sure to go link up for some fun and GREAT ideas! 

Happy Teaching! Heather

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