Five for Friday!

I've never done a Five for Friday but I love reading them so I thought I would give it a try today.
1.  If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen this beauty, but it was truly the highlight of my week!  My husband and I have always said we would put in a garden and this year we finally did! We had a very first strawberry, and we had to share it, but it was so good!

2. I was inspired by Ashley Hughes at the School Supply Addict to get creating this week.  I've spent hours on this little gem so far and hope I can keep it up and finish!  It's to use during my first quarter and correlates to our first quarter math pacing guide.  The goal is to fully implement math stations this year and keep those kiddos engaged!
 3.  Instagram is my new best friend.  I logged in to keep track of my girls, but I have found it's a really fun and easy way to link up with teacher friends too!
 4.  This picture makes me smile!  I miss having all my girls under one roof!  Next week my youngest is going to camp and that leaves this nest with only one little chica dee!  I just don't know what I will do with myself when they all fly the coop!  Blog more perhaps?
5.  Last but not least...I won a giveaway!  I just got an email from Table Talk with C & C and I won their Fabulous Fairy Tale Frenzy unit (love the alliteration!).  They found me through Instagram and I linked up with their blog last week.  I'm super excited to use this unit with my "Cinderella Around the World" unit next year!

That's my first Five for Friday, this was a bit frustrating....I typed the whole thing up and then is disappeared!  So this is a second try at it.  HOPEFULLY I can get it right this time and link up for real!  Happy Teaching, Sunning, Relaxing....whatever it is you might be doing this summer! ~Heather