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Five for Friday: VACATION!!

This will be the quickest 5 for Friday ever!

Here is a wrap up of my week:
1.  Grocery shopping, packing, laundry, cleaning (why do we clean before we leave??) getting ready for our trip.
2. Debating with the hubby on the route.  We think we have it nailed down. 
3.  Anxiously awaiting Friday....
4.  See number 3.
5.  FINALLY LEAVING!  Waiting for the hubs to get home from work so we can hit the road.  We will see a little of this....
and this...
and this....

I can't wait.  We are finishing up surprising some family (no they don't read my blog!) with a visit that has been 5 or so years in the making!  Luckily my family enjoys being in the car together because it's going to be a long week! I will be back at it to teach summer school after the 4th of July holiday!  If you haven't joined the Bloglovin linky check out my post from Wednesday June 26th....there are a ton of giveaways there and I'm having one too.  It closes when I get back from vaca...convenient! :) 

Happy Summer to you! Heather