Five for Friday! A FREEBIE and a GIVEAWAY!

I'm happy to be linking up again with Five for Friday!  I've been having so much fun linking up and checking out SO MANY awesome blogs! 
If you would like to link up to visit Doodlebugs Teaching! 
#1...Seriously I love Tpt! I started out as a stalker. ... well that hasn't changed but I slowly got into selling last summer.  It's been a really fun adventure!   Yesterday I had my first real hiccup with the loading process.  And I mean HIC....CUP! I started trying to post my newest unit (that I am super excited about) at about 1:00 in the afternoon.   Because I am super stubborn and never give up I kept trying ALL day long!  It finally posted at 9PM!  I practically yelled out loud when it posted and my family thinks I'm crazy but it was a triumphant moment! Phew. ...I'm exhausted just thinking about it again!
This is the screen I stared at ALL DAY LONG! Ugh!

#2...During this whole fiasco with loading my stinkin' project I failed to notice that I hit my very first milestone in my little tiny blogging world!  50 followers...... what? ??  I had like 20 a couple of days ago!  I was super excited about that so I knew it was time to host my very first giveaway!  

I am going to give away my new Wild Wild West Common Core Math Station pack that JUST uploaded, my Cinderella Around the World Unit,  and my Balance and Motion unit.   They are my 3 favorite things I've created in the past few months! 

If you would like to check them out in my store you can click HERE!

If you check out my store you can get 2013-14 School Calendars for FREE!

Nothing fancy. ...just leave a comment and follow my blog and I will enter you to win!

#3...What is all this talk about pirates?  The thing I love about blogging is the I hear about things that I wouldn't otherwise hear about in my teeny tiny town!  I just bought it on my Kindle and will start reading tomorrow.....while I lay out in the sun! 

#4...Swim, swim, and more swim!  My daughter is on swim team and we will be spending this weekend poolside watching her race!  I can't wait!

    #5...Blogger....sigh....I thought I was really getting into this and downloaded the Blogger app on my phone.  I'm not the "smartest" smart phone user but I'm learning!  Well, I tried to create a post on my phone and it was crazy!  If you have any tips for me I would appreciate it. 

That's Five For Friday!  I hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Teaching or Relaxing....whichever you may be doing!