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Currently July!

I was SHOCKED to see that Farley had aleady put up the Currently for July.  Since I am on vacation, I will keep this short and sweet :) 

Listening:  The new season of Big Brother started last Wednesday and I missed it!  We got to our hotel just in time to catch tonight's episode.  It might make me a dork, but I've watched this show since the beginning.  Seriously, I get a little obsessed!

Loving:  Being on vacation!  'Nuff said!

A few states we've traveled through......

 A family selfie at Crazy Horse.
 Knocked this off the bucket list...
 My husband hates taking pics....but I made him take this with the beautiful Black Hills in the background (also our girls looking for the car).
 This is Scenic South Dakota.  Seriously, the name of the town was Scenic.  There was NOTHING there!

Thinking:  When we get home from vacation I go right back to work for summer school.  Our district decided this year to do summer school in July to prepare the kiddos for the coming school year.  I've never taught summer school before so I'm a little anxious.  Also, we are teaching kids from all over the district and not just our own school.  I'm a little nervous about the whole thing, but I'm sure it will be fine!

Wanting: I don't know why I am suddenly obsessed with getting a new rug for my room but I am.   I would also love a new camera!

Needing:  Teachers go back to school the end of July and we are starting a new reading program so I NEED to see the materials.  I'm a hands on learner so I need to see it before I can start teaching it!

Tips or Tricks:  I.LOVE.INSTAGRAM!  I just got a smartphone (finally) and I loaded Instagram on my phone to keep track of my kids.  I found a few bloggy friends and started following them and then suddenly I discovered this whole little world right inside my little phone.  You should check it out if you haven't already!

That's my currently! Go and link up with Farley at  
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Happy Teaching, Relaxing, Planning, Vacationing....whatever you are currently doing!  Heather