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Monday Made It! Teacher's Toolbox


It's Monday and time for another installment of Monday Made it!  This linky is really helping me get motivated to get a few things done that will make July a lot easier for me as far as organization goes.  I'm not coming up with anything creative....just keeping up with the rest of ya'll!

My first Monday Made it project was a teacher's tool box.  (yes...I know everyone else has already made theirs!)  I found the cute labels last week from Miss Nelson's got the Camera!  This was the motivation I needed to head out to Home Depot this weekend this morning and buy the tool box.  I put it together in my room and I have to say I'm super excited to have this tool box behind my desk.  I even cleaned out my desk while I was there and filled all the bins! 

However it doesn't have a drawer for these little guys.....

Does anyone else end up with Lego men at the end of the year?

I also headed to Wally World to look for cute fabric to redo my bench seats but there wasn't ANYTHING cute.  I WISH my tiny town had some better places to shop!  So while I was there I got some new binders to get ready for our new Reading Street program.  I am just patiently (yea right!) waiting for the materials to get here! 
I bought these covers from Sarah Kirby on Tpt.  I'm excited to have a new program to work with and this one looks great.  Do you use Reading Street?  Do you have any tips to share?  I'd love to hear them!
So, now my job for the day is to check out all the other awesome bloggers out there and pick out some projects for next week!  I'm so glad there are some super motivated teachers out there that will inspire me to keep going through the summer!
Keep creating, keep relaxing, and happy teaching! ~Heather