A Summative Assessment and a New Unit!

Well it's windy in my neck of the woods, so you know how behavior has been like in my room.  So we WON'T be discussing that!

We are finishing up our unit "How We Express Ourselves" with an opinion piece on the student's favorite version of Cinderella.  I love, love, love, how this is going so far!  We have our rough drafts written and will be editing/writing final drafts tomorrow.  I can't wait see their finished products. It's been A LOT of work this week, I've really had to stay on the students to not give up and to write down ALL of their reasons for liking the book.  One of the favorite responses was, "I liked this book because it was cool."  Some of them really had to dig deep to figure out why they thought it was "cool". 

We are so near the end of the year, I needed to start up our last unit, "How the World Works" before I officially finished the last. Crazy right?  I am working on the unit now but here is the cover.  I need to clean it up so I can post it on Tpt.   It is based off of a FOSS unit I use, but I added quite a few lesson ideas I've found over time and the main portion of the unit is a printable journal for students to respond, record, and reflect on the investigations.  I made my copies today and will start using it tomorrow with my kiddos. 

LASTLY...I sold 5 copies of my Cinderella unit this week!  For the teachers that make thousands of dollars I know they probably don't notice 5 new emails in their box, but for me, I get so excited when I see that "Congratulations, you sold a product on Tpt!" email in my box!  Also, I got the app for my phone so now it updates me immediately.  Cool!

As always, happy teaching!  ~Heather