My Tpt Freebies!

I have been venturing out to Tpt and posting some products I've shared with colleagues over the past few years.  Here are a couple of products I've posted recently...

2012-13 School Year Calendar with Monthly IB Attitudes

Lesson Plan template

The lesson plan template is empty when you download it, but this is a shot of what mine looked like last week.  Notice the empty spot on Friday.  I was to exhausted by Friday to go by any plans!  We played it by ear Friday and never had a second to spare!

The amazing thing about Tpt is checking out how many people have viewed and downloaded your items.  Over 700 people have downloaded my lesson plan template which completely blows me away!  About 100 people have downloaded the calendars!  I hope my attempt at organization is helping someone!

Now my husband makes fun of me but I've earned a whole $1.00 on Tpt so far!  My first sale was from a simple little thing I put together last year to help my kiddos learn time.

Clock Labels to the Minute!

So there you have it.  I've started a new school year and ventured out into cyber land to share a little of what I do every day.  We are a full week into a new school year and let me tell you, I am exhausted.  These new little first graders are full of energy and a lot more like Kinders than 1st graders right now!  We are successfully building stamina in Daily 5, learning procedures, and turning in homework!  I'll be working on some new products for my "store" and sharing soon!  I'm trying to work on some spelling products but I'm going to try them out first to make sure they are useable in the classroom.  If you are still enjoying summer, I'm jealous!  If you are back in school, hang in there!

Happy Teaching...Heather