My FIRST TpT item!

 Well I finally did it!  I posted my very first item to TpT!  It's been a goal of mine all summer to figure this out in hopes that it would inspire me to create stuff and pay off my house support my teaching habit. I in no way shape or form think that this is ground breaking territory here, but I shared an item that I made last year that all my fellow teaching buddies at school ask for copies of.   They are calendars we put in our school agendas to help out with home/school communication.  Click right here! if you would like grab them for FREE at Tpt!

I loaded them as docs instead of pdf's so you can add in the holidays you want or any special days at school.  I am also using them as my 'appointment' calendars for Daily 5 in the notebook I made today.  School starts Friday for the teachers and my little gals and guys arrive next Wednesday!  Busy, busy, busy the next few days getting ready and doing Back to School conferences with all my parents.  Phew! I'm tired just thinking about it!

My room is looking awesome!  I have spent more time than ever in my classroom this summer but the time has really paid off as school approaches.  I feel so calm and relaxed while everyone else is buzzing around trying to get stuff organized.  Here are a few pics I snapped the other day.
This is the view from my student tables looking at the front door.  The door that is open leads to a shared area with 1 of our other 1st grade teachers.  We put our computers in there to have a mini computer lab.  

This is the view of the front of my room.  I just finished adding my awesome primary polka dot word wall from Erica Bohrer.  I love her stuff on TpT!  My room is full of her stuff!

This is one of my best buddies ideas.  Instead of a regular KWL chart she added a question mark in the middle and we use this as a foundation for inquiry based instruction.  We use post its for the kiddos to post what they know, questions, and then finally what they learned each time we start a new unit in the classroom.

Did I mention I have a kitchen?  Oh yes, I have a kitchen!

I mentioned in an earlier post I got rid of my huge horseshoe table and replaced it with this cute little table for conferring.  I love it, although my knees hit the edge when I sit at it, I may need to raise it just a bit!

My "Work on Writing" station in front of my desk.  I haven't really stocked this the way I want it yet, it is still a vision in process.  I did however spend most of June painting all my bookshelves and cubbies pretty blue and I just love looking at them!

I know this is sideways but it's late and I am not going through that "loading" process again!  I made the benches everyone has been raving about on Pinterest last year but some people have been debating whether buying all the materials is worth it or if they should just buy the cute little cube chairs.  Well let me tell you, these babies were 100% free (practically)!  I grabbed the bins out of a freebie pile in the teacher's lounge a few years ago.  My awesome dad cut the wood for each bench out of shelving he took out of a house we remodeled.  And the fabric was left overs from the sheets I bought to cover my bulletin boards ($4.97 for a twin sheet vs. fabric...fabulous find this summer!).  The only thing I bought was the filling stuff to make them comfy to sit on (and even that I may have had in my closet, I don't remember).  It's about the only resourceful "free" thing I've created in my classroom.  Hence the long explanation and sideways picture cause I'm pretty proud of that!

 Have a fabulous rest of the week and I hope your planning is going well for the upcoming school year!

Happy Teaching ~Heather