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Fun Linky Party! Back to School books!

Ok, even though I can hardly keep my eyes open I have to do this linky party first because I just love back to school books!  Plus over at "First Grade Found Me" Chrissy is just so cute because she was nervous to post her first linky party.  I can sympathize because I just finished my first Tpt post and it was exhausting!  Anyway... here is my favorite, all time, forever and ever, book. 

I love, love, love this book!  Not only because it has a great message about loving yourself and showing enthusiasm but also because David Catrow does and AWESOME job on the illustrations. They are just too darn cute!

1 more reason I love this book is because it reminds me that my procrastination doesn't always shoot me in the foot.  While I was working on my degree I was running late to class and hadn't even completed the assignment.  It was easy enough, pick a book, and share how you would use this in your own classroom.  On the way to class I stopped at the post office, our "book of the month" club book had arrived and there sat Molly Lou Melon.  I didn't even have time to read it to myself before I read it aloud to my college class.  Thank heavens it was awesome because the ideas just poured out of me!  I love you Molly Lou Melon!

Thanks for the fun Linky Party Chrissy!  You did great!
Happy Teaching ~Heather