Beginning of the Year Spelling Review

At my school, we have had quite the conversation lately about spelling and how to "up the rigor".  That's our favorite saying as of late....  Anyway, last year teaching 1st grade I skipped right to 2nd grade spelling and my kiddos did great.  We plan on everyone doing the same thing this year to keep a grade level ahead in spelling.  As a whole, we use Sitton spelling at our school.  I made this unit to get us through the first 9 weeks of school to review those all important sight words.  Once we get done with this I plan on changing over to the 2nd grade Sitton.  Here is a link to my newest product on Tpt!

Click here to check it out!

This is just one page that shows the Oral Reading Fluency part of the download.  I also included spelling lists, sentence writing, and alphabetical order in the packet.  If you are looking for a way to review and master the first 60 of Fry's Sight Words go over to Tpt and look me up!  Thanks!