Ms. Fultz's Corner: Blog Makeover Giveaway!

When I started blogging last summer I found a free layout and went with that.  It was a lot for me just to learn how to change the formatting to add a new design so once I did that and it worked I decided to leave it the way it is!  THAT being said (and sad), I would love a makeover for my blog.

My dream blog would reflect my own personal style (oh wait, don't know if I have one of those), and look cute!  My classroom is decorated in primary colors and polka dots and my favorite colors are blue and green so I accent with them as much as possible.  I love Ms. Fultz's quote on her page, "If it's not cute, why bother!"  I live by that in my classroom.

If you are interested in a blog makeover then head on over to her page and link up here and good luck!

Happy Teaching....Heather